Agriculture has long been one of the most favored sectors to invest in. The increasing population and diminishing resources leave no doubt that agriculture will become increasingly important.

In addition, the pandemic period has revealed that having a garden where people trapped in cities can take shelter is not only an important comfort but also a necessity.

Whether it is for investment purposes or to have a safe haven, there are those who have entered agriculture with big dreams and have suffered great losses in a short time, as well as those who have made big money by taking the right steps.

As Dare, we offer services to overcome the difficulties that we see that new entrants to agriculture often experience and to prevent the mistakes they make.

What mistakes await new investors?

A new agricultural investment involves critical stages. Each of these stages contains a lot of detail and mistakes made in these stages are more crucial than mistakes made in the stages after the garden is in use, and can cause an investment to be sunk from the very beginning (which is usually realized much later) or to cost much more than expected and waste time.

In addition, this stage is the time when people who are new to agriculture have the least knowledge and the highest potential for making mistakes. In this framework, we list the mistakes that we see frequently made during the establishment phase as follows:

Because of all these mistakes, the majority of newly established gardens change the variety of plants, replant, and even go bankrupt within the first 5 years. All this causes a serious loss of money and time.

What we offer

As Dare, with our 15 years of garden establishment experience and dozens of gardens, we meet the consultancy and services that our customers need in the garden establishment phase from the land purchase stage, with a professional understanding. By combining our experience as a team with expert stakeholders, we ensure that our customers receive the most accurate service. From time planning to choosing the right equipment, we protect our customers against the costs that may arise later thanks to our expertise and experience.

Our references

Below you see some of our references. In some of these projects, our team have provided support from finding the land to planting and maintenance of saplings for 3 years, in some just consultancy or installation of the irrigation system.